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Hi, my name is Mary and I'm a TVshowaholic. Española - From Spain. I love Ñ letter- I'm deeply in love with Alex Skarsgard, so tall and so charming and perfect...

Right now I have an obsession and this obsession has a name: Killian Jones, known by his more colourful moniker: Hook, from ouat. Because He's perfect, and He's also half of my #1 otp: captainswan. My babies!! They hit me right in the feels *_* I ship them hard. Really hard xD.

Here my top 5 - and probably 80% of my post are about :

Once upon a time - CS

Game of thrones - I ship Tyrion Lannister and his awesomeness.

True Blood - Sooric! *cry*

Homeland - Quinn and Carrie

The walking Dead - Badasses and zombies everywhere.


My tumblr is a random place, full of whatever I find funny or yummy. And...yes, It is related with my beloved shows! hahaha always

Have fun here! :D xoxo
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That’s it!!! OMG!! Now I understand everything. 

That’s it!!! OMG!! Now I understand everything. 

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